New Mexico High School Coaches Association

2022-2023 All-State Nomination Platform


NMHSCA All-State Nomination Platform

Volleyball Coaches,

Please do not add volleyball names.  Please reach out directly to Buster Mabrey.

Football Coaches, 

Please add All-State Football Nominations here.



Thank you for nominating your athletes for All-State for the 2022_2023 School Year.  The NMHSCA will accumulate all entries and provide opportunities for coaches to double check their entries.

Please take the time to spell names correctly as well as capitalize the first letter in the both the first and last name.  Please do not write in all CAPS or all lowercase.

The NMHSCA has canceled its affiliation with the REd vs. Green All-Star Showcase/Combines.

On the first page when asked, "Who are you Registering?" Please choose yourself. It is a little confusing.